Don’t Be Like Brenda: The Importance of Flood Insurance in South Florida

Don’t Be Like Brenda

Once upon a time, there was a happy homeowner named Brenda. She had everything she could want: a cozy home, a loving family and a homeowners insurance policy that she thought would protect her from anything. But little did Brenda know, she had a big storm headed her way.

One fateful day, a storm hit Brenda’s neighborhood. While the storm didn’t seem all that powerful, the canal down the street was blocked by debris and overflowed. Brenda’s home was flooded, and she was in a panic. She quickly picked up the phone and called her homeowners insurance company, expecting to hear the sweet sound of coverage. But instead, she heard something more like a “sorry, we don’t cover that.”

Brenda was left up the creek without a paddle (or flood insurance) and had to bear the cost of repairs and replacements all on her own. She realized that she had made a grave mistake by not having flood insurance and couldn’t believe she didn’t see it coming.

Brenda contacted her neighborhood independent insurance agency for help. After reviewing quotes from multiple carriers, the local agent was able to get Brenda a flood insurance policy that fit her needs and budget. She was grateful that she had the opportunity to learn about the importance of flood insurance and recommended her new agent to all her friends!

Don’t be like Brenda, don’t wait for disaster to strike, be proactive and protect yourself and your home with flood insurance today. Don’t wait for the storm clouds to gather, call us today at (305) 452-0587 or visit our website at and stay dry!

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