Hurricane Lee and the Rising Need for Flood and Hurricane Insurance in Florida


As residents of the Sunshine State, we’re no strangers to the capricious nature of hurricanes. They are a regular feature of life in Florida, and each year, we keep a watchful eye on the tropics, hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. Hurricane Lee, however, has rewritten the rulebook of meteorology, and it’s time we take notice. This article, originally written for insurance agents, contains valuable information for Florida homeowners. It delves into the astonishing growth of Hurricane Lee, its implications for our state, and the crucial role that flood and hurricane insurance play in protecting our homes and assets.

The Astonishing Rise of Hurricane Lee

Hurricane Lee took meteorologists by surprise with its rapid transformation into a Category 5 hurricane, though it later subsided to a Category 3. While these categories are familiar to us, what’s alarming is the trend it represents. Experts now warn that as ocean temperatures rise, we might see more fast-growing major hurricanes that threaten communities farther north and inland.

Marshall Shepherd, a leading expert in atmospheric sciences, notes that “hurricanes are getting stronger at higher latitudes.” This is driven by warmer ocean temperatures that provide hurricanes with the fuel to become more potent and destructive.

Category 5 hurricanes like Lee are rare, comprising only about 4.5% of named storms in the Atlantic Ocean over the past decade. However, when they do occur, they can be catastrophic.

What’s even more concerning is that major hurricanes like Lee can remain dangerously potent over extended distances on land, causing destruction even well inland. Recent examples include Hurricane Idalia and Hurricane Ian from 2022. Idalia hit the Florida Panhandle and continued as a hurricane into south Georgia, causing damage over 70 miles from its landfall point. Hurricane Ian followed a similar path of destruction.

The Importance of Flood and Hurricane Insurance

So, what can Florida homeowners do to protect themselves and their properties? The answer lies in being prepared and having the right insurance coverage in place. Flood and hurricane insurance are paramount.

These policies serve as a safety net when nature unleashes its fury. They can make the difference between recovering from a storm’s aftermath with minimal financial impact or facing overwhelming expenses.

Every Florida homeowner should understand the importance of having comprehensive flood and hurricane insurance coverage. These policies not only protect your property but also offer peace of mind during hurricane season.


As Florida homeowners, we must stay informed, take precautions, and prioritize insurance coverage that can safeguard our most valuable asset: our homes. Hurricane season is a reality we face every year, and understanding the potential risks is the first step in weathering the storm together.

Your safety and the protection of your home matter deeply to us. Let’s stay vigilant, be prepared, and look out for one another as we navigate the unpredictable world of hurricanes and the rising need for flood and hurricane insurance in the Sunshine State.

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